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So you want to buy a guitar for someone, or just as a gift to you (after all why not, you deserve it)?

But the more you look around, the more confused you get. Don’t worry, I was exactly the same as you when I was buying my first guitar!

And confusion isn’t surprising when:

  • Buy guitar giftthere are so many different types, shapes, sizes and models
  • some guitars are better suited to certain styles of music than others
  • prices range from fifty bucks to many (many!) thousands of dollars

And there’s so much information around online it’d take weeks, if not months, to do your research. And everyone you speak to is biassed about their own personal type, make and model of guitar.

Hi, I’m Robert O. John (Bob) and I’ve been playing music for what feels like forever.

I know exactly how you’re feeling right now because I’ve been there – I’ve agonized for days, even weeks, trying to decide which guitar to buy!

And I want to save you from the same emotional roller-coaster and mountain of frustration I went though – which is why I put together this blog.

Hopefully, I’ll help you decide quickly, easily, and without hassle, which guitar to buy.

 A Super Simple approach to buying a guitar

There are really only two types of guitars – ACOUSTIC and ELECTRIC.  So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts.

Use the figure below to decide what you want to do with your guitar. The figure will then show you exactly what guitar type would be best for you.

Best guitar your you

Classical Acoustic

Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Typical Electric Guitar, Steel String, which electric guitar to buy








But now you need to decide which model guitar to buy.

And here’s where I’ve done all the hard work for you by reviewing and selecting the best guitars – guitars I think you can’t go wrong with, to make it really easy for you!

Each guitar I’ve chosen:

==> Is a well known and trusted brand with a long track record

==> Is suitable for all levels of playing skill

==> Will continue to be a suitable instrument as your skills improve

==> Is more flexible than higher end models that are designed to achieve specific effects

==> Won’t break your bank account, but won’t suffer typical problems of lower priced guitars such as buzzing, uneven fretting, or continually going out of tune.

So to make the quickest and easiest and most confident decision on which guitar to buy, simply. . .

. . . click one of the buttons below for your chosen guitar type and see my recommendation for your perfect instrument.

Yes, it really is that easy!

Buying steel acoustic guitar

Buying a nylon classical guitar

Buying electric guitar




If your heart is set on playing a specific style of music, however, then follow my:

Quick ‘n Easy approach to buying a guitar

Since different types of guitars are better suited to some styles of music than others, use the table below to choose which type of guitar has a proven track record of success with the preferred music style you want to play.

And then simply click on click one of the buttons above to find the perfect guitar for you.

Music styles, Guitar types

There it is. I hope I’ve made choosing a guitar a little easier for you than it was before you read my blog.

If you want to find out more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of guitars, and also listen to examples of their characteristic sounds and styles of music, follow me here.

Before you go, a word on guitar accessories. Some are nice-to-have. Others are essential, meaning you will need them. . .

. . . so find out here about truly essential guitar accessories.

“There are few gifts anyone can give that are as precious as a gift of music”

Here’s what Folks are saying:

I’d been looking for a guitar for about 6 months and your blog really helped me finally be able to make a decision.  Jose, Orlando.

There are so many internet articles that say they help people buy guitars (some go for several pages), and after you read them you’re just more confused than before, so when I came across your post I was initially sceptical, but you really DID help me, so a BIG THANK YOU! Aggie, San Francisco.

Really helpful blog post – showed me step by step exactly what to do! Anne, Denver

Been wanting to buy an electric guitar for my grandson and didn’t know where to start until I found your article. Thanks! Rick, Santa Fe.

I been having real trouble squeezing them big ones out ever since my Burt died nigh on 20 years ago – until I started using your piano accordion you sold me.  It’s great, gives me lots of relief!

You made it so simple for me! Laurie, Ohio.